Four Shades of Vegan

Everybody wants to be as healthy as possible, once you start down that path. What’s the healthiest way to go? Well, that’s up to you and your chemistry, biology, blood, genetics, and blah, blah, blah. How will you do it? Will you join a fad, or claim a cause, or donate your time and money to the corporate, so-called non-profit “walk” or “march?” Will you or can you switch much of what you eat, and actually care about all living things, especially those that can think, have emotions, and have families, including yourself? These are all questions that represent the convictions (or not) of those who go vegan, try vegan, claim to be vegan, or are really just faking it for tens of thousands of YouTube subscribers (which usually equates to quitting your day job).

Most people simply don’t understand vegan. They’ll ask “do you still eat chicken?” Others will ponder how any human can survive without eating chicken. “You still eat chicken, though, right?” “What about fish?” “So no milk or cheese?”

Some try to attack vegans with jabbing questions and debunked, age-old myths. “How do you get enough protein?” Then they catch a glimpse of some world class vegan body builders or some MMA (mixed martial arts) champions and they simply close their mouths at that point and finish “chewing the fat.”

So, what are the four shades of vegan? Are they all really vegans who just “do it” differently? Are they vegans for a few months just to see if they can pull it off or just to see what it’s like? Let’s find out.

Counting down the 4 shades of vegan

#4. The meat industry shill — For this one it’s always only temporary. At some point, when this guy or gal quits vegan, they blast it, and they blast it hard, saying how many problems it causes, and how they were “saved” by fish and probably chicken, etcetera, etcetera. So-called “ex-vegan” YouTubers are becoming abundantly exposed as frauds from the get-go. Some even got caught eating meat in restaurants while they preach against it later in their videos and podcasts. Oops.

The main end goal of the meat industry shill is to pretend to be a vegan, gain a prominent following, then turn as many followers as possible into carnivores again using brainwashing propaganda. “You don’t get enough B12” or “You lose too much muscle mass.”

#3. The vegan junk food junkie — This one is usually overweight or even obese. Many are now or will soon become borderline diabetics or full blown, because there’s a lot of vegan food and “food stuff” out there that’s loaded with sugar, canola oil, and gluten.

The vegan junk food junkie may be an animal lover, but they’re not in it for the health aspect, obviously. Somebody got your vegan “sweet tooth?” Guess what? You’re not doing it right. It’s about the health and the animals and the environment, never one without the others.

#2. The part-time, soon-to-quit vegan — These are the ones who love to eat those “impossible burgers” because, to them, it’s not about health, it’s about saving the animals. By the way, the impossible burger is GMO and quite nasty too. They want any substitute food that looks like meat, smells like meat, feels like meat, and bleeds like meat. They want that oil soaked cheese, even if it doesn’t come from sickly cows.

These wanna-bes never go the distance. Some carnivorous friend or fake-vegan YouTuber will turn them back to clawing the flesh off animals again. Maybe Joe Rogan will tempt their ill fate, who knows. Anyhow, the part-time, soon-to-quit vegan pretty much knows from the beginning it won’t last. It’s more like a fad or fast fix diet they’re trying. That’s it.

#1. The full-on, real vegan — Not only does it seem inhumane to breed animals for slaughter, but it’s just gross. Pigs are smarter than dogs, but nobody (at least in America) gets a pet dog to keep for awhile, breed a bunch of puppies, and then eat them all at the Memorial Day cookout or for Thanksgiving. Animals like cows and pigs have emotions, feel pain, and have personalities, just like a dog, cat, or parrot.

The full-on, real vegan doesn’t want some burger that tastes and feels and bleeds like a meat patty or slab of flesh. Nearly all meat in America is loaded with pathogens, parasites, E. coli, salmonella, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides (because the CAFO animals are fed GMOs), treatment chemicals, concentrated carcinogenic salts (think nitrates and MSG here), and even artificial coloring.

Humans are the only animals that drink milk past infancy and from another animal

All dairy products cause humans inflammation and excess mucus production. Got congestion? Did you know humans are the ONLY animals that drink milk past infancy or from another animal? Yep. And since “going” vegan or staying vegan is about finding and maintaining ideal health, a happy vegan doesn’t flock to processed, infected, adulterated, and abused animals (and their byproducts) the first time they don’t like their black bean and soy veggie burger, or their coconut-milk-based yogurt.

Want to go vegan and stay vegan? Get creative with recipes. There are certainly plenty of yummy recipes out there. It’s mostly about the sauces and herbs anyway. Then, once the rewards of a plant-based food regimen really kick in, you just never look back, and you don’t even want to. The vegan “fad” is growing fast. Hop aboard if you so “dare.” As the saying goes, “Nothing tastes as good as vegan feels.”

Tune in to for updates on scientific proof that farm animals have emotions, personalities, and feel pain.

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